Though I am a New York based photographer, my passion is to capture moments of any sort, wherever I can find them. There is a special uniqueness in any occasion that makes certain moments significant. As a photographer, I capture those moments to offer an authentic view of who or what people, places and things really are. 


I started my journey as a photographer while living in Spain. As I began to shoot with my first camera, I discovered a love for street photography. The raw, spontaneous, candid moments are simply perfect as they are. These moments are made to be captured.

I found the same beauty in everything I shoot whether that be weddings, head shots, dance, products, street photography and more. The art isn't just the physicality of what exist but also the way it is experienced. Since then, I travel when I can, documenting the world as I explore it and photographing the most precious moments I encounter.

My intention is to offer a view of the world around us and the moments that make our lives rich. 



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