Raul Espinoza Photography travels all over the world to support change in developing communities. Raul’s mission is to partner with non-profit organizations, community leaders, and everyday people who are working to develop their communities for a better life. He provides them with free sessions of personal development coaching, business brainstorming and image consulting, resulting in professional grade photography and video content that would be otherwise unattainable to these start-up organizations. The content is used to create effective marketing campaigns for promotion kits, websites, social media channels and communication materials used for the application of grants and greater financial support. 

All proceeds from the sales of these puzzles go towards funding these IMPACT PROJECTS.  They make great gifts for friends and family while supporting the development of important causes all over the world. This is a limited edition series.  Today you can bring your family together for some fun while creating a greater impact by purchasing your PUZZLE FOR CHANGE and sharing in the magic